Monday, February 2, 2009

Searching Strategies to Teach... Elementary and Older

I've recently come across several helpful sites about teaching search strategies. Some of the ideas are best for elementary students; some, for secondary students.

(1) Web Searching Strategies for Elementary School Students

How can we help elementary students learn to search the web… safely and effectively? Silvia Tolisano shares some very helpful advice to help us consider appropriate tools, terms, and resources to help our elementary students learn about searching.

Thanks to Tim Lauer for sharing the link to this site!

(2) Site Specific Search

A Real Simple blog provides a simple (of course!) explanation of how to use Google’s site command.

(3) Teaching Internet Search Strategies

Richard M. Byrne shares several resources which help students learn how to use Boolean Logic when searching. Some resources are more appropriate for elementary students and some, for secondary students.


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