Saturday, October 11, 2008

IAE-pedia Resources

David Moursund’s IAE-pedia ( provides a variety of resources for educators. I’ll list a few of them here, but you’ll want to visit the site to see more.

A List of Five-Minute Workshops (
short videos)
topics include Second Life, Google Docs, PowerPoint, the last day of class, embedding resources in wikis, eClips, virtual office hours, a vision of students today, learning styles, podcasting

Creating short hybrid videos (
slides with voice-overs)
short hybrid videos might be described as a subset of a project page or of a curriculum page unit

Project-Based Learning)
good instruction and resources are available

good resources for mathematics education
dedicated to increasing achievement, especially with a diverse population
new resources are added weekly for…
  • Problem of the Week
  • Quote of the Week
  • Statistic of the Week
  • Website of the Week
  • Math Person of the Week
  • Resource of the Week
  • Golden Oldie of the Week
  • Calendar: Events and Birthdays
Note: don’t skip this section as just another “problem of the week”… these are really good!

David Moursund (free) books
Twenty-six of David Moursund’s more than 50 books are available free

The IAE-pedia is a project of Information Age Education, a non-profit organization created by Dave Moursund, and of the Science Factory, a children’s museum and planetarium in Eugene, Oregon.

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