Friday, April 25, 2008

Web Sites to Help Teach Mathematics

Last week I shared some interesting mathematics and science web sites that teachers and students might enjoy examining and then trying some of the ideas offered. Sometimes, however, we just need some help with the everyday teaching and learning of the standards for mathematics and science. So, today I’m sharing some mathematics sites that you might find helpful… and next week I shall share some science sites. Many of these sites will work well with interactive whiteboards.

To find these resources, I searched three of my favorite sites that continue to add quality web sites to their collections: the Ohio Resource Center,, and the Ohio Treasure Chest of Technology Resources.

The Ohio Resource Center for Mathematics, Science, and Reading continues to add new resources to their collections, so even if you’ve visited previously, be sure to stop by to check the new additions! This is one of my favorite sites because their review process assures that their recommendations are worth considering.

Mathematics Problem Corner
One of the newest features for mathematics is the Problem Corner. It has rich problems for grades 3-12. Browse all the problems or browse by grade and topic.

Thinkfinity Web Site
The Thinkfinity site has been redesigned and now links to the ORC main page. It includes resources from Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) and Science NetLinks (American Association for the Advancement of Science). The site has lesson plans and teaching materials that are of high quality.

High School Mathematics Program Models
ORC, teachers, and teacher educators have created pacing guides for Ohio’s Mathematics Program Models ( ORC describes the Guides as including “topics, teaching tips, links to best practice lessons, and problems that engage students” in mathematics and higher-level thinking. A sample is available at

TeachersFirst is another of my favorite sites because they thoroughly review all sites which they post. They also make suggestions for using these sites in the classroom. I’ve recommended this site previously, but--like ORC—they also continue to add new, quality sites to their collections.

RainForest Maths: Interactive Mathematics Activities K-6
This site includes numbers and number systems, operations and calculations, strategies and processes, patterns and algebra, measurement, space and geometry, chance and probability, data analysis, and money… and good to use with an interactive white board.

AAA Math
Choose a grade level (k-8) or choose a topic to bring up interactive activities for practice.

CyberSleuth Kids
This site is listed as being appropriate for elementary grades. That’s true… however, there are also some very good lessons for middle school and high school. Navigate through the site to check out explanations, games, puzzles, worksheets, student practice opportunities. Both students and teachers can find helpful information here.

Teaching and Learning Elementary Mathematics
This extensive links page includes information about mathematics and about mathematics education for P-6.

Capitalizing on Baseball Fever
Are you or your students into baseball? Check out the many ways it can be used in the classroom… webquests, economics, history, integration, mathematics, poetry, science…

Have you checked the Ohio Treasure Chest recently? New resources continue to be added.

ICT Games: Numeracy Games

Online Math Games

Basic Multiplication with Willie the Worm

Rainforest Maths - Multiplication


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