Sunday, December 2, 2007

LunaPic Online Photo Editor

I found another free, web-based photo editor that has a large number of tools for modifying photos. LunaPic Online Photo Editor (formerly called MyTheme Photo Editor) works well with MyTheme, MySpace, FaceBook, and Xanga; however, it also will save images in GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, or MPG (movie) formats on your computer for whatever uses you have in mind.

With LunaPic you can crop, resize, or rotate an image. Drawing and text tools allow you to work directly on the image. The border tool can choose a variety of textures. A blemish remover tool facilitates touch-ups. A variety of speech bubbles are available.

Tools are provided to change the image to black-and-white, sepiatone, or color tint. Others help sharpen or adjust brightness or color saturation. Of course, a red-eye reduction tool is available.

LunaPic seems to specialize in effects. Take your choice: blend two images, Polaroid picture, photo spread, cartoon, Andy Warhol effect, bubbles effect, charcoal, pencil sketch, coloring book, and many others.

Many animation tools are also provided. Options are old movies, reflecting water, rainbow, sparkles, pouring rain, floating hearts, lightning, fire, and others.

This photo was taken at a nearby county fair this past summer by Rick Keller. I decided to try LunaPic using this picture of a horse.

The first tool I tried was the photo spread. Well, that’s a fun tool. What else can I do...

Next I played with borders, speech bubbles, and the text tool. I always did think that horse looked like he wanted to ask something!

So far the tools are easy to use and the results look good. It will be interesting and fun to try some of the other tools. I think there will be some good opportunities to use LunaPic for both personal and professional work. And students will enjoy being creative with their photos and using them in digital storytelling and other projects.

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