Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tips for Teaching with Media

Edutopia has published a very good resource, Ten Top Tips for Teaching with New Media. The technology suggestions are good, but what makes the publication most helpful are the specific suggestions for using the technology with your students.

Use VoiceThread to establish the idea of collaborative, productive activities early in the school year. Teach students how to use a start page such as iGoogle that they can access anywhere there is Internet accessibility and that will enable them to have their productivity tools available. Show students how to use Wordle to analyze their own writing. (The image posted in this blog is a Wordle of the blog's text.)

The suggestions continue. Download this PDF and see which ideas will work well in your classroom.


Dana said...

Great blog, sad to see it die. Thanks for all the great information.

Teacher's Professional Development

Jo Schiffbauer said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dana, but I think my blog can relate a bit to Mark Twain ("The rumor of my death..."). Although it has been on a long sabbatical, it will soon reappear as Teaching in a Digital World (http://teachinginadigitalworld.blogspot.com/).