Saturday, January 10, 2009

Technology Integration in the Classroom

Classrooms@Work, Tools@Hand is a site designed to share examples of technology integration in the classroom.

The lesson plans are described from the planning process to the actual integration. You can read or view a complete overview, learning goals, student group work, technology strategies, assessments, content standards, and more.

The following lessons are shared:
• Animal Research Report presents Char Soucy's 1st grade classroom where students build reading and writing skills while learning about an animal they choose.
• Travel USA presents Jane Krauss' 4th/5th grade classroom where student travel agents prepare a travel itinerary for a German family coming to the USA.
• It's a Wild Ride presents an 8th grade interdisciplinary science, math and language arts project where students design an ultimate roller coaster to save a local theme park from bankruptcy.
• Global Challenge presents Peter Knowles' 9th grade Social Studies classroom where students take on a research challenge related to Latin America.
In addition to using these model lessons to gather ideas for your own teaching, you may want to use them as part of a professional development opportunity. The site provides suggestions for that, too. I plan to share this site with my students when we discuss technology integration and with teachers when I present workshops.


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