Sunday, August 17, 2008

Classroom 2.0 is a Great Resource

I’m busy preparing for the courses I’m teaching this fall. One is new to my schedule and I’m excited about teaching it. I think its content is relevant and will be interesting to my students who will be fulltime teachers before too long. The other course is one I’ve taught for several years. This fall I’m changing the teaching process in this course to allow the students to have more opportunities to collaborate, to communicate, and to be creative. I’ll probably write more about some of these changes in the next weeks and months.

As I’ve been thinking about this new school year, I knew that I’d like to share in this blog something that would be valuable to you throughout the whole year. The first thing that came to my mind was Classroom 2.0 (

Classroom 2.0 is a social network for educators who are interested in effectively using technology in education. What might you do at Classroom 2.0? You can…
  • watch a video or chat with hosts or explore on your own to become familiar with Classroom 2.0,
  • search the web site for information about programs that particularly interest you,
  • go to the forum to ask questions,
  • read blog posts,
  • add one of the live web meetings to your schedule, or
  • find interesting discussions via tags.
What might you find? How about other teachers who are using…

blogs, calendars, collaborative documents, collaborative idea maps, collaborative spreadsheets, course management, gaming, google earth, interactive boards, instant messaging, internet telephony, mapping, microblogging, online meetings, photo sharing, podcasting, presentation, rss and readers, screencasting, social bookmarking, social networking, social notetaking, start pages, video conferencing, video sharing, virtual worlds, webmail, wikis…

or who teach…

art, biliteracy-bilingual education, biology, chemistry, English, English as a foreign language, English as a second language, foreign languages, geography, history, math, music, physical education, religion, science, social studies…

or who are interested in…

acceptable use policies, administration, assessment, collaboration opportunities, computer labs, cyberbullying, elementary, gifted, inter-classroom collaboration, internet safety, middle or junior high, online education, open source software, parents, philosophy / pedagogy, pre-K, professional development, secondary or high school, software and service reviews, special needs?

Are other teachers using this social network? There were 10,687 members when I last checked (on August 17).

A (very) few of the many groups that you can join are…
  • DigiSkills
  • The Inclusion Revolution - Technology in Special Education
  • John Dewey's Import on Education Reform
  • Second Life
  • Elementary School 2.0
  • Implementing Instructional Technology Innovations
  • Professional Development
  • elearning for music
  • Elementary Reading Teachers
  • Online Educators
  • Assistive Technology Now
  • ArtTeach
  • Exchange Teachers
  • Five Minds for the Future: Discussion
  • Secondary Social Studies & Technology
Check out these Classroom 2.0 links…
I think you will probably agree that Classroom 2.0 is an excellent resource that you can use throughout the entire school year.

I hope your school year is a great one for both you and your students!


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