Saturday, June 7, 2008

Digital Media in the Classroom: Digital Camera

I worked with a great group of teachers and administrators this week as we talked about using digital media in the classroom. Their students will be involved in some activities and projects this next year which should be fun in addition to helping them learn!

I used a wiki which lists some useful resources with the
group. One section has some good ideas for planning activities and projects which use technology. Copyright is frequently a concern when creating web pages, brochures, and other types of reports, so I added some information about that, too. Another section includes information just for digital cameras: project ideas, suggestions for using cameras, and applications to use with digital photos.

I will add information about other digital media to this wiki, probably later this summer. However, I'll share the wiki--as it is--with you at this point. What else would you add to the wiki about planning lessons using
technology and about digital cameras?

Visit the wiki at



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