Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sticky Notes for Your Web Pages

Have you ever bookmarked a web page… and later --when you looked at it again-- wondered why? Have you saved several web pages in the process of searching for teaching ideas on the web… even though there were only specific items on each page that you wanted to use later? MyStickies ( can help!

With MyStickies you can post the digital equivalent of sticky notes on web pages… wherever you like. And you can access these stickies from any computer with Internet access.

MyStickies is a free service that works with both Macs and Windows-based computers. (The company would, however, appreciate donations to help cover their costs.)

An extension is available for the FireFox browser. Extensions will soon be available for the Safari and Internet Explorer browsers. An alternative to using a browser extension is to use a bookmarklet.

After the browser extension is installed there are several ways that you can post stickies to web pages. I was most successful with pressing the ALT (OPTION) key and click-dragging a note to the desired size. It also worked to press the ALT (OPTION) key and then to click to create a note. The MyStickies site lists some other techniques, also.

After you post a note, you can type your comments on it. A tag button allows you to create tags that can help you sort your notes.

You can also create sticky pages on which you place whatever sticky notes you want. You might use a sticky page for a “to do” list or to jot some notes as you are researching.

You can access your notes, tags, and sticky pages through your MyStickies account.


bethany said...

What a fantastic idea! I know that I often click a website onto my favorites list and then I forget why I even went to the site. Using the MyStickies would help me out so much with my school work. If I was able to write a little note as to why I wanted to remember the site and why it was important to me, I think I would benefit so much!

April Hartshorn said...

What a cool idea! I am always, always using sticky notes for to-do lists, or reminding myself of ideas I have for lessons. With MyStickies I could make sure I knew why I wanted to re-visit a certain page. I could easily out down lesson ideas on certain pages or use them for reminders of things I need to do for my class. I think MyStickies would be so helpful in keeping myself organized. They would so beneficial!

Candace Makuh said...

MyStickies are a great tool! I am definetly guilty of adding a ton of websites onto my favorites list when doing a project or research and then see them later and don't remember why they are there. I also use sticky notes all of the time when I'm doing research or reading for a class. They MyStickies notes would be a great tool to use.

Brittany Mast said...

This is such a good idea. I have tons of sticky notes around my room to remind me of what I need to do. Using MyStickies would help me remember a site that I liked, so I can then go back and visit. This would be a big help when making a webquest or something else of that nature. MySickies sounds like a very useful tool.