Sunday, July 22, 2007

Creating JPGs

I’ve used AppleWorks for years to create files formatted as JPGs. The AppleWorks Draw module is very easy to use… to mix graphics and text… to create title pages, logos, and other JPG files.

The Save As options in Word do not, however, include JPG. So, I thought that Microsoft Office had not provided the option to save a file as a JPG.

I just learned that there is a procedure in Microsoft Office to do this. I was looking in the wrong application. I needed to look at PowerPoint.

Here’s how you create a JPG in PowerPoint…
  • Launch PowerPoint
  • Create a blank slide (slide layout)
  • View > Toolbars > Drawing
  • Create a image using choices on the Drawing toolbar
  • Save As whatever.jpg
Use the file you create in other applications when you need an image file in a graphics format.

Here's a JPG image I created in PowerPoint using this procedure. BTW, I never said I was an artist! ;)

I’ll share in next week’s blog entry how I discovered this procedure.

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