Sunday, June 3, 2007

Virtual Field Trips

Have you viewed some of the virtual field trips available on the Internet?

From ancient Indian mounds to paintings at the Louvre to a tenement to mummies… your students will enjoy their field trips as they’re learning new information. They can share their new knowledge with their parents as they examine these virtual field trips with them at home afterwards.

I have provided a glimpse into three web sites and just a few of the links available from each. In addition, I have listed some individual sites worth checking. Enjoy!

An article in eSchoolNews talks about the use of video, animation, and graphics to showcase places and events from the past. View ancient Indian mounds, museum exhibitions, or a Mandan village.

Earthworks: Virtual Explorations of the Ancient Ohio Valley

Learning Sites Inc.

On-A-Slant Virtual Village


Tour Colonial Williamsburg, the solar system, or the Louvre. View the universe through Chandra’s X-ray astronomy. Learn about the lives of the immigrants who lived in a New York tenement in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Check out the electronic field trips from Ball State University. The series for this next school year includes topics in ecosystems, civil rights, migration, and science and mathematics. These field trips include “webisodes,” website, classroom lessons, and two live, 90-minutes TV broadcasts. (There is a fee for schools to participate.)


In addition to many links to virtual field trips, this site provides lots of good ideas for educators who are considering using virtual field trips.

Visit the Smithsonian’s collaboration with the National Zoo for a walk along their Asian Trail.

Watch the Franklin Institute Science Museum’s view of the human brain as it follows bicyclists on the Tour de France.

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