Sunday, April 1, 2007

Teacher Magazine: Lead. Learn. Innovate. Inspire.

Interesting articles. Great photos. Inspiring ideas. Best practices. Quick reads for busy lives. And--best of all--you can subscribe via RSS! Check out this web site / magazine...

Teacher Magazine: Lead. Learn. Innovate. Inspire.

Teacher Magazine is available on the web and in print. It covers news--local, state, and national--and preschool through 12th-grade issues. The site offers content for educator-leaders, best practices, and encouragement for reflection by educators.

The articles are an interesting collection of projects that other teachers are doing, information about issues that affect all of us in education, activities that we might want to implement in our teaching, and stories that inspire. And great photos... teacher-submitted photos that draw you into the teaching-learning process.

The current web site includes three stories from the current print issue (March/April 2007), two stories from the archives, photos submitted by teachers sharing their learning communities, highlights of three stories, one from the web and two from print, blogs, an interview, a book review, a poll, and an interactive section: talkback, blogs, chat transcript, feedback, and jobs.

Topics available on the web site include instruction, profession, technology, school environment, students and community, sports and activities, non-traditional schools, and lifestyle. Several opinion options are present: first person, perspective, classroom tech, letters, and book reviews. Web Features are the web watch, blogboard, curriculum notes, trend tracker, audio, and photo galleries. The community area has talkback, chat transcript, blogs, calendar, grants, ask the mentor, and teachers with cameras.

Articles available on the current web site include…
• Marty Mentzer’s Basketball Poets club… student achievement levels have risen
• Some California students may be able to increase their grades based on their state test results
• The 10th annual survey of educational technology from Education Week
• Blog by a teacher who has just completed his portfolio for the National Board
• Bus duty
• Interview with a new congressman who is a former educator
• A field trip to test students’ practical mathematics skills
• Book review of The Hurried Child… the disappearance of playing
• Shakespeare’s sonnets for special education students
• Learning advanced mathematics via machining
• Year-round schooling
• Value-added measures
• Middle-school students
• Reaching gifted children

This web site has…
• articles to help you teach,
• articles to help you take care of yourself and meet your goals and needs, and
• articles to inspire you.

Check it out!

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