Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Few Good Web Sites

This is a collection of a few good web sites. One--recommended by a colleague--provides reinforcement/review material. A set of sites from Alan November help you to check out other web sites. And the third site is for the astronomer or astronaut in each of us.

edHELPER.COM _____________________________________________________

edHelper.com was created by teachers to provide for teachers a single site for many educational resources. Portions of this site may be used for free. Other features require a subscription. You may subscribe to the site as a K-8 teacher, as a grades 9-12 teacher, or as a K-12 teacher. Individuals or schools may subscribe.

A free newsletter is available. It highlights the theme units designed for the current month and it points out the new items which have been added to the site.

edHelper’s Table of Contents lists these areas...

Reading and Writing: Reading Comprehension, Literature Units, Writing
PreK-3: Kindergarten, Phonics, PreK-3 Themes
Language: Language Arts, Spelling, Vocabulary, Enter Word Lists
Special Education: Special Education
Foreign Languages: Foreign Languages, Spanish, French, German, Italian
Mathematics: Mathematics, Middle School Mathematics, Algebra
Social Studies: Social Studies, Geography, United States
Science: Science, Health, Animals
More: High School, Test Prep, Art, Classroom Helpers, Make Puzzles, Monthly Themes, and Daily Skills Review

If you teach K-12, you should check out this site at least once. You will probably find some review or reinforcement activities that you would like to use with your students!


http://Easywhois.com... find out who owns the web site

http://www.archive.org... select the "way back machine" to see past versions of web sites

Use a search engine to find which web sites link to the web site you're investigating. Type link:URL (e.g., link:http://www.whitehouse.gov) in the search box.

Use a search engine to find the web sites to which the web site you're investigating link. Type host:URL (e.g., host:whitehouse.gov) in the search box.

ASTRONOMY PHOTO OF THE DAY _______________________________________

Here is a link to an interesting web site from NASA featuring a new picture of the universe every day. A scientist provides an explanation of what you are looking at in each picture...

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