Monday, November 6, 2006

Two Quality Resources for Teaching

The Ohio Resource Center and eThemes are two sources for high-quality web sites to use when teaching. I think you'll find some helpful and interesting sites in this list. Don't just skim past the titles of these web sites... Check out the nuggets buried in each one. You'll be pleasantly surprised. :)

The OHIO RESOURCE CENTER ( posts quality lesson plans for mathematics, science, and reading. Each plan include the title, URL, resource type, practice level, standards alignment (grade levels), topics, keywords, professional commentary (class activities), Ohio standards, and national standards.

Mathematics: And Around We Go!
Grades 5 - 6
Instructional Resources - Best Practices

Science: What Parts Are There to a Plant?
Grades Pre-Kindergarten - 2
Instructional Resources - Best Practices

Reading: Wired for Books
Grades 9 - 12
Content Resources

eThemes ( is a database of resources organized around themes. The information provided is designed for teachers to use in their classrooms. Each site includes links to other related web sites. More than 1,000 eThemes are available at this time.

ANIMALS __________________________________________________________________

Animals: Cats
Handouts, videos, and web sites provide information about cats as pets.

Animals: Puffins
Photographs, maps, and even a live web came (in summer) provide information about puffins and their habitat. During non-summer months, still photos from the web cam are available to view.

Animals: Missouri Butterflies
This site includes a video which shows a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.

COUNTRIES ________________________________________________________________

Africa: Social Issues
Included in this site is information about the Darfur conflict.

Country: Canada

Videos and photographs help provide information about Canada.

FAMOUS PEOPLE ___________________________________________________________

Famous People: Helen Keller
Helen Keller—deaf and blind herself—fought to help others with vision and hearing problems. Letters, photographs, and other items help provide information on how she communicated. Classroom activities are suggested.

Famous People: King Arthur
Learn about King Arthur and the legends which surround him.

LANGUAGE ARTS ___________________________________________________________

Grammar: Subjects and Predicates
Online quizzes, games, and a PowerPoint presentation help teach this topic.

Writing: Prompts

Handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and a variety of writing prompts are provided to help students develop stories.

LITERATURE _______________________________________________________________

Literature: "The Best School Year Ever" by Barbara Robinson
The topics of kindness, cooperation, and bullying are included in addition to the book "The Best School Year Ever" by Barbara Robinson. Reading and vocabulary activities are also available.

SAFETY ___________________________________________________________________

Safety: Winter
Safety tips for winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and bicycling are included. Lesson plans are also available.

Safety: Outdoor Fun

Safety tips for bicycling, skateboarding, scooters, inline skating, boats, pools, lakes, and water parks are provided.

Safety Signs
Traffic and safety signs are taught via interactive games, lesson plans, activities, coloring pages, and photographs.

Safety: Electrical

Students are taught to be safe around electricity both inside and outside the house.

SEASONS __________________________________________________________________

Seasons: Winter
Activities, interactive games, and information about winter are available at this site.

SCIENCE __________________________________________________________________

Solar System: Saturn

Learn about Saturn and its rings. Build a model of Saturn. View photographs and videos.

Solar System: Rotation and Revolution
Learn about rotation, revolution, and the orbit of planets and moons.

THANKSGIVING _____________________________________________________________

Mayflower Voyage

Photographs, a map, and diagrams provide information about the Pilgrims’ trip on the Mayflower to Plymouth.

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